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Friday, September 14, 2012

3-D's of Business Leadership

3-d Business

Author: Hugh Breland

Are you a business leader looking to take your business to new heights? Follow the "3-D Business" approach and you are guaranteed to see your business land in-line with your goals.

Dangers – In business, just as in life, it is imperative to keep discernment sharp and avoid unhealthy alliances. Whether it's an individual being considered for hire, a company that would like to cross-market a product or an enticing opportunity to let something "slide by", business leaders must beware of diving into dangerous dealings. Discernment, integrity, and being above reproach are the marks of a leader that will leave a legacy. On the flipside, "dull" decision-making has disseminating effects, all the way to the bottom line.

Delay – Patience and perseverance accompany success and significance. Business leaders looking to make a significant impact must progress with passion but prepare for delays. No one arrives at the airport hoping to wait, however most of the time delays are to be expected. The same is true in leadership and business, patience will be a requirement for success – and believe it or not – perseverance develops character that takes leaders and their businesses from good to great. What are you going to do while you wait?

Difficulties – Whether it's from the blindside or head-on, difficulties will track your business down. Like a great linebacker in football or a hungry bear looking for his next meal, difficult people, difficult situations, and/or difficult decisions will challenge businesses and their leaders that are making a difference. How businesses prepare and ultimately proceed to handle difficulty shapes many successes or failures. Planning for obstacles will pay off great dividends, writing down lessons learned during and following difficult scenarios will take your team to the next level.

About the Author
Currently CEO of GoLo Golf National, Hugh Breland is a former Baylor University Basketball Letterman and has become a nationally recognized speaker and consultant. His creative style and straightforward communication connects with leaders in various industries and positions. For more information go online to

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