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Monday, September 24, 2012

And Now...Tom LaGalbo

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It’s a pleasure to introduce to you Mr Tom LaGalbo.  We share his story with you now.  If you talk with him, please tell him that Office Remote Control sent you!

I wanted to introduce to your readers an amazingly easy to use tool that I have been using for over 5 years now.

It is called SendOutCards®.  I have been a mortgage broker for 11 years when I started to use it for my own clients over 5 years ago.  This online system gives you the ability to send out a physical greeting card in the mail for business or personal use.  You can send one or hundreds at a time with a click of a button.  You can even attach a gift or gift card to your card.  The system will also remind you of birthdays & anniversaries.  When you click send, SendOutCards® will print, stuff, stamp & mail your physical card for you.  You can even customize these cards for your business with logos, pictures & even QR Codes to turn your card into a video card.

When I started to use this system over 5 years ago I had a Mortgage customer that I called and left a message about refinancing his home into a lower rate and to give me a call back.  Well, I never heard back from him so I sent him a card through the SendOutCards® system and he called me back right away and left me a message saying “Hi Tom, I just received your card in the mail today, thanks that was very thoughtful of you.  Sorry I didn't call you back, I have been busy but would love to get together with you to get this refinance going."  I was amazed.  He thanked me for the card, apologized for not calling me back and I got his business

I recall another experience when I sent a card to one of my referral sources, a Bank, thanking her for prior referrals and mentioned that if she had any other customers that I can help out to please let me know.  I wrote in the card, “In the meantime, go out and enjoy a nice cup of coffee on me”, and I enclosed a gift card from Starbucks and SendOutCards® automatically put it in the card for me!  

When she got the card she called me back to thank me for the cards that I had sent her and she just got the card from me in the mail with the Starbucks card in it.  She thanked me very much for the card & gift card AND told me to call her back because she had another referral for me!

To make a long story short, when I signed up with SendOutCards® I signed up on their top package which gave me the ability to share this amazing system with others and earn an extra stream of income which more than paid for my package and my card use.  In the last three years of doing this as a side business, sharing it with others, it has given me the ability to quit my Mortgage business because it has been going that well.  Now I am in the business of sharing this with others to help them increase their bottom line by using this appreciation marketing tool to help them strengthen their relationships with their clients and referral sources.  This is also great to use on the personal end to appreciate the people in your life.

What you send out in SendOutCards® you get back tenfold.

If you would like to try this amazing system out I offer a free trial where you get a couple free cards on me to experience this system for yourself.  You can contact me, Tom LaGalbo, at 414-750-1925,, or visit my website at www.SendOutCards®.com/vip

Remember, people do business with people they like and this is a great tool to help you build those long lasting relationships.

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